I am a travel agent and get discounted hotel rates. Can I book my own accommodation?

It's important to us to be competitive which is why we have negotiated contract rates so if we cannot match the rate you can get then yes we will allow you to book your own accommodation after you have received pre-approval. 

Does it matter when I arrive and depart to avail the airport tranfers?

No. For example. You may arrive in Thailand on the 1st of August but your appointment is not until the 5th of August so you would start your Care Package on the day of your initial appointment. You might end your care package on the 15th of August but not depart Thailand until the 20th. Tranfers are included. 

Can the Care packages be shared?

No. The care packages are individual unless you are in a group. Contact us if you are travelling in a group of 3 or more and we will provide a specialised care package tailored to suit your groups needs. 

Do you facilitate appointments with the hospitals and clinics you work with?

No. We are not an agent or facilitator. We specialise in care and concierge services. Only when you arrive in Thailand can we help you with scheduduling appointments. 

Can you book my flights?

We are not a travel agency and cannot book flights however we recomend getting the best deals with SkyScanner http://www.skyscanner.com