How to Book A Care Package

1. Book your appointment.

The first step is to make an appointment at the hospital or clinic. Contact us if you need assistance and we will recommend an agency in your country. You should have the confirmed schedule of your consultation and/or surgery. Your doctor of choice might not be available on the date that you want.

2. Book your flights.

Once you have your appointments confirmed, you can book your flights. We recommend to get great deals on flights. 

3. Book your accommodation.

You can book your accommodation through the Healthcare Hands website. We have 2 types of accomodations available for you to choose from:

Healthcare Hands Recovery Accomodations and Partner Hotels which are especially hand-picked for your recuperation. If you wish to stay in a hotel which is not on our recommended list of accomodation, send an email or a message via livechat to find out if we can provide care and concierge services or not. 

4. Book your care package.

There are 3 care packages you can choose from: CARE BASIC, CARE PLUS, and CARE PREMIUM. If you have chosen the care package you like, personalise it by adding the number of days you require care and select add-ons when you wish to avail some of Healthcare Hands’ services.

After booking your care package, Healthcare Hands support team will prepare a comprehensive itinerary for your approval. 

5. Book your insurance.

For peace of mind, you can purchase a medical travel insurance policy to cover you in case of any problems or complications arise.