Medical Tourism Insurance

Medical Travel Insurance in Thailand


Medical travel insurance coverage from Healthcare Hands offers all-in-one medical and travel insurance through our insurance partner - a globally recognised and respected insurance brand.

Our insurance product is tailored especially for people having medical treatment overseas. As a medical tourist, you need insurance for two reasons.

Travel insurance for medical travel

Firstly, you're travelling overseas, so you'll be exposed to the same risks as any other international traveller, including flight delay, baggage loss, illness or accident. So part of the product is travel insurance of the kind any overseas traveller should purchase.

Medical insurance for medical tourists

Secondly, however, you're going to be undertaking medical treatment. Normal travel insurance, such as you might organise through a travel agent or online, doesn't cover planned medical treatment. No matter how minor or major the treatment, you need protection against the risk of complications, which can prove costly in the unlikely event that they occur. That's why our insurance product also includes medical insurance covering the treatment you'll be having.

Do I need insurance?

You could take the point of view that these things always happen to someone else and travel without any form of insurance. But people who leave home uninsured can end up paying a high price for this type of thinking.

It's much better to pay a small price now, to ensure protection against the unforeseen.

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Note: Medical insurance is not included in the cost of our care packages.


Austalian Patients

If you are Australian then unfortunately the bordercross worldwide insurance plan is not available for you. 

Click on the Global Protective Solutions button below to get a medical travel insurance plan if you are Australian. 

medical travel insurance

For more information about medical tourism insurance coverage click here or send us a message and one of our Care & Support Managers will give you a call back and guide you through booking an insurance policy.